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How Heat Wave's Lazer Face and Future Tech Stand Out

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

It's hard not to feel limited to a certain style, color, or lens option when buying a pair of sunglasses. Maybe you find the perfect mirror coat, but it's on the wrong frame. If this sounds like you, then you might want to look to Heat Wave Visual for your next pair of sunglasses. Heck, maybe even your next two pairs! They offer a wide variety of customizable sunglasses, with two in particular that stand out. Here’s our top five reasons Heat Wave’s Lazer Face and Future Tech standout in the sunglass kingdom:

  1. Single Lens Sun Coverage

  2. Endless Possibilities

  3. Rx’able (they even use the same nosepiece!)

  4. Highly Durable

  5. Feel Good Community

1. Single Lens Sun Coverage

If you know us here at SVED Optical, you know that we are all about the single lens sunglasses. We don’t like gaps, and we don’t like things obstructing and mucking up your field of vision. We like full UV protection and sunglasses you can count on. This is where Heat Wave keeps knocking it out of the park! The Lazer Face and Future Tech are two completely different pairs of sunglasses that both offer a large area of sun coverage. It doesn’t matter if you are hiking, driving, or can rest assured your eyes are protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

2. Endless Possibilities

This isn’t something we get to say a lot when buying one pair of sunglasses! But that’s Heat Wave for ya. It’s Build-A-Bear for your eyes! Instead of just buying what's in stock, you have the option of customizing the pair of sunglasses you really like into your dream pair for a price change so small, it’s hardly worth mentioning. Not only can you customize the frame and lens color, but you can also choose your temple design, emblem design, and lens style. The possibilities are endless!

3. Rx'able (they even use the same nosepiece!)

So, you thought because these sunglasses have a one-piece lens design with only a nosepiece that there’s no way you’ll ever get a prescription in them? Better buckle up! SVED Optical builds custom nosepieces for Lazer Face and Future Tech sunglasses equipped with your prescription lenses that will be interchangeable between all Lazer Face and Future Tech models! Sweet, because nothing is worse than buying an expensive pair of prescription sunglasses and being limited to that one pair for two plus years of your life — that’s if they make it two years! To be clear, with SVED Optical Rx, you get one insert to interchange between all the Heat Wave Lazer Faces and Future Techs you buy. Might we also add that since the SVED Optical Rx sits behind your sunglass lens, they are thinner, lighter, and last a lot longer than typical prescription sunglass lenses.

4. Highly Durable

We know Heat Wave has taken special care in listening to their customers to improve quality, design, and performance. But why do we say their sunglasses are durable? The science behind it is industry leading Thermo-plastics and shatter resistant lenses. But that doesn’t quite put it into perspective, does it? Think about this ... because Heat Wave makes customizable sunglasses, the sunglasses are made with the intent of any Joe Shmoe wrenching on them to pop a lens out or pop a temple off. How many eyewear companies confidently hand you their product and say, “snap the temples and lenses out and replace them yourself”? Not many!

5. Feel Good Community

Yes, that’s a feature! Throwing on a pair of Heat Wave Lazer Faces is like standing on a beach in San Diego with your feet halfway in the sand while the wind brushes your hair back. Then you put on the Future Tech and you can feel the rumble of music and the smell of motor oil. Welcome, you’re now enjoying life with the rest of them!

There are as many key takeaways here as there are customizations you can make to Heat Wave’s sunglasses. Well, that’s not true ... there are a TON of customizations you can make! Just know that you won’t be disappointed when buying a pair of Heat Waves. You’ll look cool in any situation, because you can literally swap out the arms to black if camouflage temples isn't feeling wedding appropriate. For Rx wearers, you now have more options for a third of the cost! Thank you, Heat Wave!

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