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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to make my insert?

Custom inserts may take up to 14 business days from the time we receive your order and information. Some prescriptions and/or frames may take a little longer. We will send you an email with tracking information when your insert ships.

What do I need to get started?

1. Any frame with a removable nosepiece will do! We make inserts for many different brands. 2. A copy of your most recent prescription. 3. Your pupil distance measurement. We can take it from there!

How do I remove the nosepiece from my frame and install my new insert?

Sounds like you need to take a little trip to our Instructions & Care page.

What are the benefits of an Rx insert?

Where do I begin! Prescription inserts are thinner and lighter due to the fact that we can order your lenses much smaller. They are durable, with incredible optical clarity! Our inserts are also virtually unnoticeable because they are rimless and not housed by a plastic eyewire that blocks field of vision. Oh yea! And they're super affordable compared to presciption sunglasses from competitors. Is that enough yet?

What frame can I use?

Lots! All we need is a removable nosepiece or frame with interchangeable lenses. If it's a style we haven't seen before it could take a little longer to manufacture. But we will get it done. We see frames like Pit Viper, Oakley, and Heat Wave all the time.

What happens if I leave my insert in my car?

Not good! HEAT + INSERT = BAD IDEA Heat could melt your insert nosepiece!

Do the prescription lenses touch the sunglass lenses?

Sometimes. Since our inserts are custom made we cannot say if they will or not. Some sunglasses are more wrapped than others causing them to touch. The lens touching does not effect your vision in any way. We compensate your Rx for wrap and tilt to give you a performance in vision like none other. Below you can see the lenses are not touching in this Pit Viper frame with this specific RX:

Are the inserts visible from the front of my sunglasses?

Typically no, but it does depend on the sunglass lenses as well as the direction of the sun light. For example, gradient tints that are dark at the top and lighter at the bottom allow more light to pass through the lens making the insert more visible. If you don't want your insert to be seen, choose a pair of sunglasses that have dark lenses, polarization and mirror coat helps too. The Pit Vipers below are in direct sunlight with a SVED Rx Insert: It should be noted that our inserts have the best possible chance of not being seen compared to any other insert, due to the fact that our lenses are cut in a rimless fashion to optimal size and shape and securely attached to your nose piece using our long-lasing suspension system.

Do I have to mail my frame in?

We will contact you directly if we need you to mail in your frame or nosepiece. See ya later!

Will my sunglasses fit like normal with the SVED Rx insert?

Yes, absolutely! We only make changes to the nosepiece and those changes do not affect the way they fit.

Will my eyelashes touch the prescription lenses?

The lenses fit as close to the sunglass lens as possible to help prevent this from happening. If you have any issues let us know!

Why am I experiencing a fishbowl effect in my prescription insert?

The main reason for the fishbowl effect is wrong pupil distance (PD). Make sure you have your PD exactly right. Go to an optical shop and have an optician take it if possible. Some people may experience a distortion in their peripheral vision (commonly known as the fish bowl effect) after receiving their insert. This occurrence can be the result of a curved lens which is typically why people with stronger prescriptions may experience it more. Adjustment Period: Adjusting to your new Rx insert can take a few days to a few weeks. Even if you are getting new glasses with the same prescription, different frames and lens styles can alter your vision until you get used to the new eyewear. Speeding Up Your Adaptation Period: As long as you can perform tasks safely, wear your new eyewear for as long as you can each day while keeping yourself busy. Try to refrain swapping to a different pair of glasses, this tends to make it harder for you to adapt. SVED Optical’s Non-Adapt Policy: You have 30-days to test drive your new insert. If for any reason you are not happy, you can send it back and we can troubleshoot the problem or you can get a full refund. Bottom line, don't sweat the bowl. Also, Just send us an email on our site if you are having issues and we’ll be happy to help you troubleshoot any problem.

What is PD?

PD stands for Pupil Distance. The P.D. let's us know where to place the lenses in front of your eyes so to not create any unwanted prism in a lens. Prism will cause eye strain and fatigue. If glasses are made without the patient's correct P.D., it could be all for nothing. Three ways to get your PD: Ask your eye doctor to take the measurement during the exam. Call the last place you bought glasses and ask for it. Ask your local optical professional to take the measurement.

Can I use my vision insurance for the Rx inserts?

Yes, we do not submit any claims but in most cases you can submit the claim yourself and get reimbursed by your vision insurance provider.

Do you make Rx inserts for kids?

Yes, the inserts work great for kids too! Keep in mind, it's very important that we have the correct Pupil Distance (PD).

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