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Everything You Need To Know About Prescription Oakley Sutro

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Let’s get right into it. The Oakley Sutro sunglass is highly versatile and suitable for a variety of sports in all kinds of conditions. It’s a cyclists choice because of its bold look, max amount of coverage, and well-contoured fit. It’s a goggle-style frame with a lot of outstanding features — which can be difficult to find. If we had to compare it to other wrapped sunglasses in the game, we’d say it falls somewhere in-between a Roka SL and a Pit Viper Original. Not too futuristic looking but also not too laid back. An all-around solid pair of shades. But are Oakley Sutros suitable for prescription? SVED Optical says yes! Here’s everything you need to know about Oakley Sutro with our SVED Rx Insert.

No Sacrificing

Weird title, I know, but it’ll make sense in a second. SVED prescription inserts are designed to be virtually unnoticeable — this goes for weight, comfort, and aesthetic. We take that very seriously and build our custom inserts accordingly. Since our inserts sit behind the sunglass lens, we have more flexibility. We can grind your prescription thinner than a typical lens and cut them to an optimal size and shape so that it does not interfere with your vision or the performance of the sunglass. You too have more flexibility in that you can interchange the sunglass lens all you want without sacrificing your vision and emptying your wallet on every new lens.

Higher Rx Capabilities

To some of you, this won’t matter at all because your Rx has never been strong enough to limit what you wear — but if you know, you know. It sucks. You find the perfect pair of sunglasses, or even eyeglasses for that matter and the lab comes back to tell you “No can do, it’s outside of our parameters.” What’s amazing about our SVED Rx Insert is this rarely happens. Why? For many reasons, but the two that make the most difference are: 1. We can grind the lens thinner than a typical lens, and 2. There’s less distortion in an insert because they don’t make up the entire sunglass lens. For these reasons, we constantly push our limits on parameters and work very hard to find the perfect compensation for every customer.

Cost Effective

How many companies can brag about being cost effective? Not many, especially in the realm of performance vision. Let’s do the math: the Oakley Sutro is roughly $180 + our SV Insert $154 = $334 and keep in mind the SVED insert is interchangeable between all other Sutros. Compare that to a pair of polarized prescription Oakley sunglasses coming in around $500! That’s quite the savings without even factoring in the flexibility that our insert offers.

Customer Review

Mario Crespo, an elite cyclist with Good Guys Racing recently reached out about his experience with the SVED Rx Insert in his Oakley Sutro. Here’s what he had to say.

“Since sustaining an eye injury at 3 years old, I’ve grown to be very particular and passionate about eyewear. As an elite cyclist, it’s been very hard to find prescription eye protection without sacrificing the comfort and overall aesthetic intended. In addition, it was nearly impossible to find a cost-effective solution! When I was referred to SVED Optical, it ticked all my wants and needs. The process for ordering was quick and as straightforward as can be. Also, when ordering, the individual handling my order and my request was prompt with their replies. I can’t find enough good things to say about the entire experience. From ordering to delivery, and then to use, Sved Optical has wholeheartedly surpassed my expectations.”

Our conclusion is that Oakley Sutros, Sutro S, and Sutro Lites are an excellent choice for prescription. We’ve made that possible with our SVED Rx Insert and will continue to push the boundaries of what is “Rx’able.” Long gone are the days where what’s written on your Rx holds you back from getting the sunglasses YOU want.


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