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We Continue to Expand, Here's the Latest Styles We've Been Rx'ing

SVED Optical has mastered prescription eyewear for the one-piece lens style sunglasses like Pit Viper Originals, Oakley Sutro, and Heat Wave Visuals Future Tech. Offering Rx in these types of frames is important because it gives prescription wearers options they have never had before. SVED’s prescription eyewear breaks the mold of typical Rx lenses because they’re thin, lightweight, and stretch the standard Rx parameters that normally limit prescription wearers. For SVED, it’s all about vision, performance, and functionality. Today, SVED Optical is excited to say that it continues to expand it‘s arsenal of Rx’able sunglasses! If you’re a fan of high quality optics in high quality frames, then you should check out the list below for the latest sunglass brands we’ve been Rx’ing:

  • Pit Viper Ellipticals

  • POC Aspire

  • ESS Crossblade

  • Rapha Pro Team

  • Blenders Eclipse

Pit Viper Ellipticals

Pit Viper does it again! They launched an all-new style with lens curves that make any living thing do a double take. They are the 2000s frame reimagined to suit your every desire. What you should consider as an Rx wearer is that the SVED Rx Insert for the Ellipticals can interchange with the 2000s. Wait, what? Yep, you heard that right! It takes one Rx to rule them all! And I imagine that after you buy every single 2000s and Ellipticals frame, you’ll be sitting in a corner of your home petting your SVED Rx Insert whispering “my precious.”

POC Aspire

There are two major features that stand out about the POC Aspire: lightweight, and flexible. Marry that with SVED’s Rx Insert design and you get a performance in vision like none other. If you’re a cycler, this one’s a no brainer! The look, feel and comfort are next level, with or without a helmet.

ESS Crossblade

This one’s for fans of designs that are born in battle! The ESS Crossblade has an advanced sunglass lens that features a trademarked anti-fog lens. Its performance matches its comfort and can be set to specifically fit the end user. If you’re a competitive shooter looking for your next pair of prescription sunglasses, check out ESS Eyeshields with the SVED Rx Insert.

Rapha Pro Team

The Rapha Pro Team sunglass is… effortless. It’s everything you need to compete; no more, no less. Every millimeter of its design is for a competitive advantage, down to the nose piece. Take that nose piece and equip it with SVED’s Rx lenses, you have got yourself a pair of elite prescription sunglasses suitable for the Tour de France!

Blenders Eclipse

Blenders has become a household name for eyewear. They’re well made, affordable, and the styles span to meet everybody’s taste. The Eclipse itself is a cool frame with one wraparound lens that allows for a massive field of vision and is great for blocking wind. SVED enhances it all by equipping the frame with prescription lenses. It’s not the typical insert you see from SVED…instead the lenses are fixed to the frame for a sturdy Rx option.

The key takeaway here is that you can’t fit SVED Optical inside any box…that would be outside of their thinking! They continue to fit Rx lenses in sunglass frames that many in the optical industry would look at and say, “Nope!” So if you have a sunglass frame in mind that you love and want a prescription in, but question if it’s possible, you can contact SVED Optical here.

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