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SVED Prescription Insert for Tifosi Sunglasses is a Jackpot

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

We’re just going to jump right in! Tifosi Optics makes some of the best sport wrap sunglasses for an active lifestyle. Cycling, running, and golfing can all be enhanced by the quality and style of Tifosi shades. The only snag, once again, is “can they be prescription?” With the SVED Optical Rx Insert, prescription is possible and so much more! Here’s four reasons why the SVED Optical prescription insert for Tifosi sunglasses is a jackpot for the eyeglass wearing community.


As with a lot of SVED Rx inserts, the nose piece is interchangeable within same models, sometimes even multiple models. Take Heat Wave Visuals for example, one insert works for both the Lazer Face model and the Future Tech model. What’s extremely unique about the Tifosi insert is that it can interchange with NINE different models! That’s a record! You could literally buy all nine frames and use just ONE prescription insert for them all. Nine is a lot! I mean, just look at them all typed out: Tsali, Sledge Lite, Slice, Alliant, Brixen, Rail, Podium, Podium XC, and Podium S.

Rimless Cut

This is really what sets the SVED Rx insert apart from any other prescription inserts. Its cutting-edge design, get it? Cutting edge… bad joke! This means the edge of the lens is the edge of the lens! There's no frame, no wire, no nothing. It’s virtually unnoticeable to the wearer, and from outside looking in.

Lightweight Polycarbonate Lenses

For SVED Rx, there’s only one option and one option only: Polycarbonate! Polycarbonate lenses maintain the integrity of a performance prescription insert like SVED’s. The lenses are ultra-thin, ultra-lightweight and impact resistant! Plus, polycarbonate lenses have inherent UV protection which never hurts.

High Rx Capabilities

If you’re reading this through glasses, then you’re probably beginning to wonder if your prescription is even suitable for an Rx insert. That’s probably because you’ve been limited in the past by what sunglasses you can wear. Not surprised! It’s no secret that sport wrap sunglasses just don’t mix well with prescriptions. Unless you’re SVED Optical! SVED lab technicians pride themselves in working with all shapes and sizes of eyes and crystalline lenses (aka strong prescriptions). You name it and they’ve probably done, or at least tried to do it!

Here’s the takeaway: SVED makes high quality prescription inserts for the styles you want to wear. On top of that, their customer service and desire to satisfy every customer will never leave you hanging. Tifosi is a reputable company that makes high quality sport sunglasses that are affordable. SVED makes an Rx insert that can interchange with NINE Tifosi sunglasses. So, if you’re looking for a prescription solution that offers variety, quality, and affordability, you just found it!

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