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A Review of This Summer's Most Popular SVED Rx Inserts

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

SVED Optical has been crafting custom Rx inserts for sport sunglasses for over 30 years! They’ve been adapting their lens suspension system to as many new and unique frame styles as possible, thus giving eyeglass wearers the choices they deserve! Over the years, the insert that was initially designed for sport has gained popularity with everyday use because it is ultra-thin, lightweight, and has a higher Rx capability than a standard pair of prescription sunglass lenses. Now you may be asking, “Which of these inserts is right for me”? Here are SVED’s most popular Rx inserts and why we think they’re seeing so much action this summer!

1. Pit Viper Originals

When we talk prescription Pit Viper sunglasses, it’s usually about a 50/50 consumer split between the 2000s model and the Originals model. But for us, the Originals comes out a little ahead with its sturdy nose piece design. The rubber is grippy yet smooth, and incredibly durable! Dirt, sweat, blood and tears do very little to affect the performance of the Double Wide and Single Wide Rx insert. SVED Optical modifies the Originals stock nose piece into a lens equipped insert making it easy to swap your prescription between all of your Originals sunglasses. It truly feels like one prescription to rule them all!

2. Oakley Sutro

Gaining extreme popularity this summer season is the Oakley Sutro prescription insert! The SVED Optical insert and the Oakley Sutro are seamlessly integrated for a performance in vision like none other. The stock nose piece is modified and equipped with prescription lenses that fit snuggly behind the sunglass lens. Attaching and removing the insert is an easy task to accomplish but don’t let that fool you…this prescription insert isn’t going anywhere!

3. Pit Viper 2000s

The 2000s are an instant summer classic! This fun pair of Pit Viper sunglasses is one of the most popular among eyeglass wearers. The nose piece conforms oh so comfortably to the nose bridge. This softer style nose piece does make it a little less durable than most when exposed to heat and moisture, but no worries! Every SVED Optical prescription insert comes standard with a 1-year Remounting Warranty. SVED will remount your lenses to a new nose piece however many times you need within a year of your purchase!

4. Heat Wave Visuals Future Tech and Lazer Face

Looking for a couple of Rx’able workhorses to block the sun this summer? Look no further! The Heat Wave Lazer Face and Future Tech paired with SVED Optical’s modified nose pad is a summer favorite. You can use one prescription insert in the two very different frame models. It doesn’t matter if you’re pulling apart a motor or soaking up sun on the beach, you won’t have to sacrifice vision and you won’t have to sacrifice style.

5. 100% Hypercraft, Speedcraft, S2, S3, and Glandale

A handful of 100 Percent sunglasses have climbed their way onto the list of SVED Optical’s most popular insert this summer, and for good reason. When you pair the SVED Rx insert with 100 Percent’s sport driven sunglasses you get a performance in vision like none other. The optics are crystal clear, and the two-pronged nose pad mounting system allows for easy installation and removal for cleaning or switching frames.

The biggest takeaway here is that SVED Optical’s prescription inserts are designed to meet everyone’s lifestyle needs. Whether it’s the weekend tailgate or your next big race, SVED’s inserts are ready to go wherever you go. In many cases, they are the only option for Rx wearers wanting to wear a one-piece shield sunglass without their contacts and without paying an arm and a leg. To top it all off, their devotion to customer satisfaction is on another level! They have a team of optical gurus ready to help you every step of the way to make sure you get the most out of your Rx insert!

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