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Introducing the SVED Goggle Roamer Rx Insert for Pit Vipers

So, you’ve been trying out goggles for years and prescriptions been a problem? Well, that's probably because they're not Pit Viper Goggles. Pit Viper rules the outgoing adventure sunglasses world, but here's what you might not know about their Goggles:

  • Ridiculous Lenses

  • Compatible with SVED Goggle Roamer Rx Insert

  • Comfortability

  • Signature Colors

Ridiculous Lenses

In so many ways, the Pit Viper Goggle lens is ridiculous. For starters, it's ridiculously flexible, which you already know is a KEY ingredient to a good ski goggle. Secondly, it’s anti-fog. Fog is the last thing you need as you prepare to land a sick jump in the snow. Thirdly, Pit Viper Goggles include not one, but TWO lenses; one mirrored and one multipurpose for low-light wear. Both with 100% UV protection from the sun. Ridiculous!

Compatible with SVED Goggle Roamer Rx Insert

Bingo! It’s so rare to find an easy prescription solution for goggles. When I say easy, I mean it; the SVED Goggle Roamer prescription insert will interchange between all of Pit Viper’s Goggles! The polycarbonate lens material makes them ultra thin, light, and impact resistant. But that's not all...we compensate prescriptions for the wrap and tilt of sports goggles so that you can see your best and compete your best. The spring arms on the frame are flexible so you can adjust the sizing to fit just about any pair of goggles.


What’s it like wearing a cloud on your face? You won’t know until you try Pit Viper Goggles! The foam used on the goggles is incredibly comfortable; not too thin, not too thick and very breathable. The strap holds nicely around the head or helmet and even has non-slip rubber grip for, well, you know what that’s for!

Signature Colors

This leaves us to the pièce de resistance: Color! They wouldn’t be Pit Vipers without their signature brightly color splattered frame! Seriously, we all know their color combinations are amazing. You wear them on the slopes one time and people think you’re an Icelandic rock god (specifically The Radical Goggles seen below). The Pit Viper Goggles do the talking so you don’t have to!

Our conclusion here is that Pit Viper is not just a sunglasses company. They have now entered the domain of goggles and are exceeding expectation with their laid back style. We wait around in anticipation to see what’s next for, unarguably the most notorious brand on the market! Thanks Pit Viper!

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