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Holiday Sunglasses Guide: Pit Viper, Heatwaves, Oakley, and 100%

The holiday season has begun and a new pair of sunglasses is exactly what you want! The only thing holding you back is not what you want, but what you need: prescription! Challenge accepted! We created this guide based on frame styles we know you’ll love that pair exceptionally well with our custom SVED Rx insert system. No more compromising your needs for your wants, you can have it all! Ho, ho, ho!

Pit Viper + SVED Prescription Insert

You got that right! Pit Viper and SVED go together like peanut butter and jelly...particularly the Originals model and 2000s model! There’s a ridiculous amount of sweet looking color combos between the two models which makes it easy to find pairs you love. Normally, that would be a problem for Rx wearers since you typically only get one pair of prescription sunglasses every one or two years. Not with SVED Rx inserts! SVED Optical builds custom prescription inserts from stock nosepieces. That means you can move your prescription lenses from one pair of 2000s to a different pair of 2000s by simply removing and installing the nosepiece. Still fits the same, still feels the same.

Heatwave Visuals + SVED Prescription Insert

When it comes to Heatwave, we’re always talking about two sunglass models: Lazer Face and Future Tech. Heatwave was clever enough to design two pairs of completely different sunglasses with the same nosepiece. What does that mean for you? It’s a two for one, baby! One SVED prescription insert can interchange between the two most badass pairs of sunglasses Heatwave offers, ensuring you have prescription sunglasses no matter if it’s a beach day or a garage day!

Oakley + SVED Prescription Insert

You can’t even bring up prescription inserts without talking about the Oakley Sutro. It’s a staple sunglass with a timeless look. Oakley loves it so much, they've created different versions of it: Sutro Lite, Sutro Sweep, Sutro S, Sutro Verve. The SVED Rx insert does not disappoint one bit either. They sit close to the lens and go unnoticed by the wearer. It’s a seamless modification that you won’t totally understand until you see it for yourself!

100% + SVED Prescription Insert

None of the above hit the mark for you? Are you looking for something more high tech? More for performance than activity? We 1000% recommend 100 Percent! Our personal favorites for prescription wearers: S2, S3, and Speedcraft. Buy them all because once again, you only need one SVED Rx insert.

Nothing more needs saying! The choice is yours this holiday season! Check out our Rx’able Frames page to discover even more sunglass options and learn about their interchangeability. See ya later!

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