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Top Picks For Kids' Prescription Sports Sunglasses: Shielding Their Eyes While They Play

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

As a parent, you want to protect your child’s eyes from the harmful effects of the sun without taking away from any of the fun. Dang, that was like a Bill Nye science rhyme! For the kids that need eyeglasses to help them see, it can make it hard to find the right pair of shades. Kids like style too, and when comes to prescription sport sunglasses you may start to find their options are limited in most instances. Que SVED Optical! We build custom Rx inserts for many, many one-piece sports wrapped sunglasses. In fact, they’re our favorite kind of sunglasses! So, get ready for the summer fun as we’re about to list out a handful of our favorite “rx’able” sunglasses for the little ones.

Pit Viper XS & Pit Viper Original Single Wides

Remember above when we said, “kids like style too"? Well, we meant it! That’s because your child will be way more likely to wear their sports sunglasses if they like how they look. What you think looks good might not be what they think looks good. It’s all about what’s trending, and I don’t think anything is more trending on the ball field than a sweet pair of Pit Viper XS. Pit Vipers offer excellent sun coverage, withstand rough play, and pair extremely well with our SVED prescription insert.

Ro Sham Bo Ludicrous Speed

Ro Sham Bo just launched the Ludicrous Speed model! A beautifully wrapped sport sunglass with so much sun coverage and wind blockage you’ll think you’re sitting inside at the movie theater. Ro Sham Bo itself is already known for its highly durable sunglasses! There’s no question the new Ludicrous Speed model will stand up to your child’s challenge of chaos and destruction. The SVED Rx solution is simple and is built right onto the nose piece for easy removal and cleaning.

Oakley Sutro S

The Oakley Sutro could quite possibly go down in history (if it ever goes down) as the most iconic line of sports sunglasses of all time. Its fit and finish are so smooth, and for a style that has been around since 1984, I mean did you even know that fact? Exactly. The Sutro S will almost certainly make any kid feel like an upcoming pro athlete. You’ll find that the Sutro adapts seamlessly with the SVED Optical prescription insert, allowing your kid to take their skill to the next level.

Heat Wave Visual Kids Laser Face

Last on the list is Heat Wave Visual Kids Lazer Face, but this list is in no order of which are the best. Nope, Heat Wave’s Lazer Face is not your typical sports sunglasses. They don’t have that fully wrapped style you’re used to seeing. These are more for after the big win when you’re out getting pizza and ice cream. Perhaps on the beach throwing a football with mom and dad. They are cool, casual, and customizable! SVED Optical makes a well-suited Rx insert for the Lazer Face and once again allows you to choose your sunglasses instead of your sunglasses choosing you.

Yeah, finding the right pair of sports sunglasses for kids can be a challenge, especially when they require prescription lenses. However, with the help of SVED Optical, you can find the perfect pair that not only protects your child’s eyes from the sun’s harmful rays but also looks awesome and fits comfortably. From the stylish Pit Viper XS to the iconic Oakley Sutro S, there are plenty of options to choose from. Don’t let the limitations of traditional prescription sunglasses hold your child back from enjoying their favorite sports activities. Invest in a pair of sports sunglasses with prescription insert lenses and watch your child excel on the field or court this summer.

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