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Four Eyes, One Ball: It's Baseball Season!

Every baseball season begins with one huge push to find all the right gear to compete. The right bat, the right glove, and the right SUNGLASSES. If you’re like most prescription sunglass wearers, you start to run into a bit of a problem this time of year — all your favorite sunglasses are either A) too expensive to Rx, or B) not Rx’able by your typical optical lab. Que SVED Optical! For over 30 years, SVED has been crafting the best prescription inserts for sport sunglasses. By using an advanced proprietary lens suspension system and rimless design, SVED can customize almost any pair of sport sunglasses with prescription lenses. Just to make it easy for you, we’ve listed the top five most popular (and Rx’able) styles to get you through the season.

Pit Viper Originals

If you see this and don’t know who Pit Viper is, do yourself a favor right now and go to The Pit Viper Originals Single Wide, and Double Wide (this also goes for the XS) are built for grand slam homers! Well, technically, they are a throwback military inspired sunglass, so they’re built for war — which just adds to the badass-ness. They’re beefy sunglasses with good lens coverage so you can have good base coverage out on the diamond. We’re not just making this up either! Pit Viper sunglasses offer a unique Turbo Adjustment so you can get the angle of your lens just right whether you’re a pitcher, catcher, up to bat, or bench warming. And don’t let your bad vision hold you back! SVED Optical builds a custom Rx insert for Pit Viper Originals that is rimless, lightweight, and durable.

Oakley Sutro

Can’t talk about baseball and sunglasses without bringing up the Oakley Sutro (this goes for the Sutro Lite and Sutro S). It’s an all-around sport sunglass. Cyclists wear them, runners wear them, and you probably see more Sutros in the big leagues than any other sunglass! Sure, Oakley probably hands them out to pros like toothpaste at the dentist! But it doesn’t discredit the sunglasses one bit. They are light, comfortable, sporty, and come stock with that fancy Prizm lens technology. Pair that Prizm lens up with a SVED Rx Insert with Anti-Reflective Coating and you have yourself a home run in the vision department. You’ll have no issue barreling it up, bat flipping, stealing bases, and throwing gas!

Pit Viper 2000s

It’s hard to look elsewhere when Pit Viper makes such an ideal sunglass for baseball. Are they a bit ridiculous? Sure! That’s why we love them! Get everyone on the team a pair and you’re bound to have a goodtime. Aside from the eye-popping colors and demanding shape, the Pit Viper 2000s offer that extra bit of coverage with a lens that extends down the sides. This offers more safety, and more field of vision sun coverage. Perfect for baseball, a sport where field of vision could be considered most important. Just like for their Originals Sunglass, SVED Optical builds a custom Rx insert that is rimless, lightweight, and durable.

100% S3 and Speedcraft

100 Percent electrifies the sport with their futuristic styles! They even have MLB star Fernando Tatis, Jr. as an ambassador with his own collab’ collection of sunglasses. Standing out is the 100% S3 and Speedcraft since they offer a HUGE bottom vented lens, with details that focus on performance and comfortability. They’re also Rx’able by SVED Optical which makes them a grand slam for prescription wearers. You can take your vision up a notch by trying out their HiPER lens technology which is said to ramp up contrast and enhance details. You’ll never miss a play in these shades!

Oakley EVZero

We’re sliding home with another pair of Oakley Sunglasses, the EVZero. Oakley knows sport sunglasses, that’s all there is to it. The fit, the feel, the look, the optics, the performance — these factors were all in mind when Oakley designed the EVZero. It’s a nod to the original classic Oakley M frame. A one-piece lens with huge field of vision and secure fit for those players who leave it all on the field. To top it all off, SVED Optical gives prescription wearers a chance at achieving high performance vision by building custom Rx inserts for the EVZero.

It’s a known issue that prescription wearers have always had trouble finding sunglasses for sports. In most cases, needing corrective lenses limits the sunglass styles you have to choose from. Wrapped one-piece sunglasses? “No way, not with your Rx.” To that, SVED Optical says “swing batter, batter swing!” Bring your prescription and any of the above sunglasses to SVED Optical and they’ll knock it out of the park!

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