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The Ultimate Summer Shades - Pit Viper Exciters

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Pit Viper Exciters exist for two reasons…1) protecting your eyes and 2) having a kickass-awesome time. Therefore, they are one of Pit Vipers most sought after frames. Here’s our top 5 reasons why you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself the next time you think about buying sunglasses that are not The Exciters!

1. Demand Respect and Authority

This tops the list for Pit Viper 2000s, Originals, Intimidators, and the XS; and it’s no different for The Exciters. Each color option brings with it a unique confidence that can only be described as an American Bald Eagle landing on your face while you sip tequila with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Demand Respect and Authority is number one on our list!

2. Raging Durability

Dang right! At first glance, these sweet looking goggle-style aviators might throw you for a loop. You might even think to yourself, “these babies are going to get crushed if I accidentally close the cooler lid on them grabbing a cold one.” To that we would say, “You’ll be pleasantly surprised!” Pit Viper built these tough! The lenses are ANSI Z87+ rated polycarbonate, making them suitable for on-the-job or on-the-beach. The frames themselves are flexible yet rigid. And with built-in safety shields, your eyes are protected from all angles. Your next big adventure deserves The Exciters!

3. Extreme Value

You can get The Exciters for under a hundred bucks…a nice price for an authentic pair of sunglasses with a huge number of features. They are polarized and we’ll mention it again, Z87+ rated right out of the gate. Worth mentioning is that, for $79, you’ve bought your way into being a part of the social media sensation. The jealousy you’ll evoke from your neighbor while mowing your front lawn is worth at least $69 of that $79!

4. Grade “A“ Sun Protection

I know what you’re thinking…“The Exciters had better protect my eyes from the sun! They’re sunglasses!” No need to worry there…the Exciters are HARDCORE sun blockers! They come stock with top-of-the-line Polarized lenses that offer 100% UV protection. A personal windshield without all those pesky reflections. Oh, but you wear Rx? Your options get even better! Just head over to SVED Optical and design your own personal killer combo! You can choose a clear lens with Anti-Reflective Coating; beach worthy brown or gray Polarized lenses; or (drum roll) the crème de la crème Transitions with Anti-Reflective Coating. So many choices!

5. 1000% Rx'able

The Exciters are something out of the ordinary for SVED Optical. SVED typically builds custom Rx inserts for frames like Pit Viper 2000s and Originals, Oakley Sutro and Sutro Lite, 100% Glendale, POC Devour, Heat Wave Visual Future Tech, and more. Nonetheless, SVED Optical took on the challenge that Pit Viper gave them by creating optically precise lenses that are laser etched with an authentic Pit Viper logo to maintain their badass-ness for RX wearers. The final product is a ridiculously awesome and authentic pair of prescription sunglasses that are customized to perfection. The Transitions lenses are highly recommended for a mind-blowing wearing experience. You’ll never want to take them off, and to be perfectly honest, you won’t have to!

Polarized Pit Viper sunglasses for $79, ‘nuff said. That’s not enough for you? Okay…if your summer is full of sun and fun, then the Exciters will only make your life better! Get them! If you wear Rx, also get them! The level of detail in the prescription lenses is top notch. Your eyes will thank you!

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