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There's One Reason You Need Prescription Pit Viper 2000s

There's one reason you need to snag a pair of Pit Viper “The 2000” with SVED's Rx Insert:

VER • SA • TIL • I • TY

Versatility describes having many qualities, which is why you should consider Pit Viper The 2000. The 2000 model is one of those frames that has been perfected over time and will almost certainly go down in the hall of fame as one of the greatest pair of shield sunglasses of all time! And for good reason! This model offers versatility unlike any other! It's a multipurpose sunglass that can be used and abused in so many ways: sports, work, and life. In case you need more incentives before pulling the trigger on a pair of The 2000, here's a few of our favorite features:

  1. Prescription Compatible

  2. Ultimate Eye Protection

  3. Plethora of Choices

1. Prescription Compatible

You might not need prescription lenses, but for those of us who do, this is a game changer! Traditionally, wrapped frames and prescription lenses haven't been the best match. It's not as simple as walking into your local eyewear shop and getting them made; most likely, they’ll tell you it’s impossible. At SVED Optical, we see things differently.

Instead of converting the entire sunglass lens into a prescription lens, we cleverly attach the prescription lenses to the nose piece, positioning them directly behind the sunglass lens. This innovative approach makes the lenses thinner and lighter, allowing us to accommodate much higher prescriptions than typically possible.

And there's more: because the lenses are affixed to the nose piece, the SVED Rx Insert is interchangeable between sunglasses of the same model. So, if you own multiple pairs of Pit Viper The 2000, your SVED Rx Insert can be swapped between all of them seamlessly. This means you can have multiple stylish options without needing a separate insert for each pair!

Want to see it in action? Check out our SVED's YouTube demo below.

2. Ultimate Eye Protection

"I can't see, the sun is blinding me," said no one ever while wearing Pit Viper The 2000! These sunglasses feature a fully wrapped lens that encircles your eyes completely, eliminating any gaps. If you haven't experienced one-piece wrapped sunglasses before, you're in for a treat.

Pit Viper sunglasses also come with an impressive range of sun protection options, including 100% UV protection, polarization, and mirror coating. Our top pick? Polarized lenses with a mirror coat. The polarization cuts down on glare significantly, offers maximum UV protection, and for those with prescription lenses, the mirror coat makes our SVED Rx Insert almost invisible.

3. So Many Choices!

Wearing Pit Viper sunglasses is only half the experience that contributes to why Pit Vipers are so great. Hunting down the perfect pair for YOU is the other half. Not having enough options is never the issue with Pit Viper sunglasses. With an extensive array of options, you'll find yourself browsing their site late into the night. Shopping for Pit Vipers is entertainment and it's highly recommended that you do it with a friend! The wealth of product photos and lifestyle imagery is creativity at its finest.

So, if you're in the market for a versatile pair of wraparound sunglasses and want a blend of functionality and fun, look no further than Pit Viper The 2000. These sunglasses are perfect for both sunny beach parties and rugged trails on your mountain bike. Grab a pair and experience the perfect balance of style and performance, making a demanding and respectful statement wherever you go.

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