Pupil distance

There are two types of pupil distance (PD). There's a distance PD which is what we need and a near PD.

Pupil distance is always written in millimeters (mm) and the larger number is always your distance PD.

Now, it can be written two ways. Monocular or Binocular. When a PD is taken monocularly you will see a reading of about 25-35mm for each eye. If taken binocularly you will see something like 55-75mm total PD.

This measurement is important.

The P.D. let's us know where to place the lenses in front of your eyes so to not create any unwanted prism in a lens. Prism will cause eye strain and fatigue. If glasses are made without the patient's correct P.D., it could be all for nothing.

How to get your P.D.

+Ask your eye doctor to take the measurement during the exam.

+Call the last place you bought glasses and ask for it.

+Ask your local optical professional to take the measurement.

Binocular (64mm)

Monocular (33mm)

Monocular (31mm)