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The best Rx Sunglass company

It all started with Bob Sved, owner and operator. Spending most of his working life in optics and learning every aspect of the eyewear business, he began to notice a trend with prescription glasses. In the 80's, he started to see a change in the optical world. More companies were starting to focus on sport specific eye wear and it was becoming very popular. But there was, and still is, a problem in the market: most other prescription sunglasses are heavy, expensive and distorted. That's when he created the best sports sunglass insert. And in 1989, there you have it! The intraSPX! An Rx sunglass insert that is thinner, lighter, stronger, virtually unnoticeable and has sharper optics than ever. Compare it to other designer prescription sunglasses and there is no contest. He patented his Rx design and started SVED Optics, which has been operating and making prescription sunglass inserts with few adjustments to the original design for over twenty years.